The Group RRSP

The most common type of employer sponsored retirement savings plan offers these benefits:

  • Employer not required to contribute
  • Employer can structure to achieve specific goals
  • Pre-tax contributions through payroll deduction
  • Contributions may lower marginal tax rate
  • Spousal RRSPs permitted

The Link Group RRSP:

  • Simplified online enrollment
  • Plan administration
  • Member education and communication
  • Tailored member portfolios
  • Fee transparency

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Fee Transparency

The profound effect of fees on the end value of a portfolio

Note: Graph assumes a gross (before fees) annual return of 6% compounded annually with an initial investment of $25,000 and a monthly investment of $1,000. Graph lines are smoothed as in actuality, portfolio growth will exhibit volatility upwards and downwards to varying degrees.

This graph is a hypothetical example and does not represent any specific Link retirement portfolio or any specific investment. Rate of return is meant for illustration purposes only and should not be construed as potential minimum or maximum return for any of Link’s products.

Improving Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Canadians are stressed about running out of money in retirement. More than half of them say this stress has a medium to high impact on their work, and all generations share these concerns (CPPLC Survey, 2017).

Show your employees you care about their life after work, set up a Group RRSP for their benefit and watch productivity increase.

  • 1 Easy Enrollment
  • 2 Create Investor Profile
  • 3 Rebalance & Monitor
Financial Wellness Benefit Plans

Create a culture of caring