Redefine your company's retirement plan approach.

Amendments to pension legislation have changed the landscape with the opportunity for independent and unaffiliated employers to participate in a multi-employer pension plan. Link sponsors a unique multi-jurisdictional multi-employer DC pension plan that offers substantial benefits to both employers and employees.

See how participating in Link’s DC pension plan eases employer’s administrative demands, removes the regulatory burden and reduces fiduciary responsibility while helping employees to achieve their retirement objectives.

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Features and Benefits of Link's MEPP

  • Be a part of a pension plan that is universally open to any Canadian employer, regardless of size
  • Focus on your running your business rather than a pension plan as Link assumes the role of plan sponsor and administration and is responsible for the day-to-day operation and oversight of the plan.
  • Cut costs by using a fully automated platform that results in a low fee structure
  • Reduce your risk through ensured compliance with pension legislation, the Income Tax Act and industry best practices
  • Increase employee engagement with fast and easy onboarding
  • Improve employee asset allocation and outcomes through Link’s automated investment management system
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