Health care coverage tailored to you

With a Health Spending Account (HSA), you have the flexibility to direct your health care dollars where you need them most. Health care is clearly not a one-size-fits-all situation, and every situation is unique. You, as the Employer, determine the health benefit you want to offer your employees. Out-of-pocket expenses for you, your spouse, your children, and other dependents can quickly escalate, and potentially create financial hardship. A Link HSA is a very useful tool to help you manage these costs.

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Features and Benefits of a Link HSA

  • Complete control over the health benefit amount you grant (value is determined in advance)
  • No annual renewals, reserves or inflation factors
  • Reimbursement funds are non-taxable to the employee (with the exception of Quebec)
  • Admin fees and reimbursements are tax deductible for the employer
  • Employees have the power to decide how to spend your benefit dollars
  • Use your HSA dollars, rather than your own after-tax dollars, on items not covered under a traditional group benefits plan
  • No medical underwriting, no medical questionnaires

Benefit plans vs. HSAs

  • Employer determines HSA benefit (dollars), rather than group benefit plan premiums in an attempt to cover all employees
  • Eligible HSA expenses are determined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), rather than products and services specified by a group benefits program
  • HSA reimbursement amounts determined by your HSA balance, not plan maximums
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