Pitching disruptive innovation at North America’s fastest growing tech conference

Link makes connections at Collision 2019; Nenshi says Calgary has ‘an incredible story to tell’ It was a week of Collision, conversations and connections. Executives with Link Investment Management represented Calgary last week at Collision 2019, the fastest growing tech conference in North America—which drew 25,000 delegates, representing 5,600 companies, to Toronto. Following an invitation from Calgary Economic Development, Link was part of an entourage of more than 100 Calgary companies that descended on Collision 2019. Using disruptive innovation, Link is redefining the way employer-sponsored compensation plans are managed. Our proprietary “triple threat” software consolidates savings, equity and health plans onto a single platform—delivering cost savings, efficiency and intuitive user experience for administrators and employees alike. “We made a lot of connections in Toronto. Our conversations at Collision 2019 confirmed that there is a need, both domestic and internationally, for the disruptive technology we offer,” remarks Craig Goodwin, Link’s Executive Vice President. “Our integrated dashboard for all employer compensation plans is a valuable asset for small to midsize businesses—and there are exciting opportunities for partnerships.” Mayor Nenshi at Collision 2019 Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi, too, was bullish on Calgary at Collision 2019. Mayor Nenshi spent the week “selling the heck out of Calgary” on the shores of Lake Ontario. “We have an incredible story to tell. We have the world’s best talent that includes a highly educated workforce and people who are passionate about driving innovation,” Mayor Nenshi posted online. “We have such an incredible opportunity in front of us as a city. I’m so lucky to be able to pitch this great place to anyone who will listen.”
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