Five key value drivers lead to improved pension plan results: The Alberta Link Pension Plan ticks

Research suggests a Canadian pension plan outperforms the do-it-yourself approach in five distinct ways

Self-directed investors...


GBL Inc. and Link Investment Management partner to offer cost-effective employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.

CALGARY, Alberta (January 21, 2020) — Link Investment Management Inc. (“Link”), an innovative provider of employer-sponsored compensation and pension plans, has p...


Is fear and being uninformed hurting your wallet? There’s a comforting solution to Canadians’ investment doubts.

Link’s robo-advisor and its algorithm creates and maintains personalized portfolios, taking the worry out of retirement investing.



Can you triple your retirement savings with Link’s MEPP over your individual RRSP?

Just 37% of Canadians are currently covered by workplace pension plans and benefit from their superior rate of return. Link’s Multi-Employer Pension Pla...

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