Five key value drivers lead to improved pension plan results: Multi-Employer Pension Plans tick all the

Research suggests a Canadian pension plan outperforms the do-it-yourself approach in five distinct ways

Self-directed investors...


GBL Inc. and Link Investment Management partner to offer cost-effective employer-sponsored retirement savings plans.

CALGARY, Alberta (January 21, 2020) — Link Investment Management Inc. (“Link”), an innovative provider of employer-sponsored compensation and pension plans, has p...


Is fear and being uninformed hurting your wallet? There’s a comforting solution to Canadians’ investment doubts.

Link’s robo-advisor and its algorithm creates and maintains personalized portfolios, taking the worry out of retirement investing.



Reduce risk, eliminate emotion, diversify: Harness the investment power of Exchange Traded Funds

Link uses ETFs, passive investing and our robo-advisor to improve retirement outcomes

Saving for retirement shouldn’t be a roll of the dice. A...

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