Can you triple your retirement savings with Link’s MEPP over your individual RRSP?

Just 37% of Canadians are currently covered by workplace pension plans and benefit from their superior rate of return. Link’s Multi-Employer Pension Pla...


Restore the luster to those golden years with Link’s pension plan solution.

Survey finds 47% of working Canadians fear they’ll outlive their own retirement savings.

So almost half of Canadians, according t...


A little something extra on that paycheque? No thanks, we prefer a pension plan.

Multi-Employer Pension Plans (MEPPs) like the one Link has created can satisfy Canadians’ desire for better retirement security.



Challenging the status quo: Comparing MEPPs and Group RRSPs

With the rise of the Multi-Employer Pension Plan, it may be time to retire that old standby

Complicated, cumbersome and costly. In the past, th...

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